Conrad Thompson
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Welcome to my new website, which has been made to provide you with an illustrated guide to the services I offer.

CONRAD THOMPSON specialises in:

Ornamental and Architectural sculpture.

Most of my work falls under the label of ornamental sculpture. This means using the traditional language of ornament as developed by the Greeks and Romans and through the Renaissance until the Victorian era. This covers ornamental plaster ceilings, stone arms and cartouches, friezes, columns and capitals etc.

Stone carving

Stone carving is an ancient technique I learnt during my years in restoration. Stone is great for embellishments and sculpture on building facades and for garden sculpture and features. Stonework can add a timeless and natural addition to an interior.


Plasterwork is the traditional sculpture workshop technique for turning clay sculpture into a hard and durable material (for indoor use). Plaster is generally painted but can be gold leafed or polished. It is quick, cheap, generally light, it can be cut to fit, filled and easily repaired. Plasters can also be used as masters for other materials such as bronze and GRP.

Ornamental Ceilings

Since starting my ornamental career on the restoration of the ceilings at Uppark House (a Cliveden Conservation project for the National Trust), I have become a specialist designer, maker, and restorer of ornamental ceilings. I design ceilings to be modelled and cast into fibrous plaster and for direct stucco modelling.

Interior design

I design the elements of interior design that are of an architectural nature. These include rooms with ornamental ceilings, colonnades and entablatures, fireplaces, wall sculptures, door surrounds, statues and pedestals, mirror niches, even doorknobs.

Film sculpture/set sculpture

I have worked as a sculptor on several films, making sets and sculptures and mementoes.

Classical figurative sculptures

I have made several sculptures to fit in classical interiors/exteriors, these include a large pair of torcheuse for the film Phantom of the Opera, a marble Apollo for Alton Towers historic gardens and a set of classical statues for an interior based on the Adam Ante Room at Syon Park.

Miniature figurines

Over the last few years I have made a small collection of miniature bronze figures. Some on commission and some to sell on my website.